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There are many different kinds and styles of carpet available in today's market. One thing all manufactures agree on is the need for regular cleaning. Intervals of cleaning are outlined in the warranty literature that accompanied your new carpet. McKay's provides truck-mount steam cleaning for our clients and our pricing is determined by the square foot. Surcharges apply for extreme soiling situations and urine contamination. We measure and charge only for the areas of carpet we are cleaning. For instance, bedrooms often have much of their floor space taken up with beds, dressers, and such. Should this be the case, and you don't want/need the furniture moved, we would measure the exposed carpet areas and charge only for that area.

We always have the safety of your home, family, and pets in mind during our time in your home. We would appreciate it if your pets and children remain clear of the work zone.

We utilize many pieces of equipment designed to protect your home. Since hoses are coming in through a doorway, we have a door-insulating kit that seals the door opening, keeping the cold drafts outside and away from your plants. It also serves to keep the pets indoors as well. Corner guards protect the painted walls from hose friction, hose hooks keep hoses in place while working up stairs and we place sliders under furniture to make moving them safe and easy.

While we want to be accommodating, sometimes there are things that we just can't move. For those things we can move, like coffee tables and end tables, we ask that any breakables and knick-knacks be moved out of harm's way.  All furniture that has metal, wooden or painted legs or bases will have foil or foam protectors placed under them after cleaning to prevent wood or rust staining while the carpet is drying. These may be removed after 24 hours.