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Owning pets is a wonderful thing, and while our four-legged friends bring lots of joy and satisfaction, sometimes they -ahem-, "take liberties" on the carpet when they really needed to take their "business" outside. Given the colour of the carpet, the resulting offense can either blend in with the carpet or stick out like a sore thumb.  Getting the carpets cleaned goes without saying, and while carpet cleaning detergents work great for soil, urine (and feces) require an alternative approach. Having a carpet that looks clean but doesn't smell clean can be very frustrating. Proper urine treatment is in order.

If the stains are obvious, treating the urine is easy to assess. However, not all urine odour sources are readily visible under normal lighting conditions. This is where the blacklight inspection can reveal all odour sources to make odour removal a more thorough process.

If McKays is authorized to clean your carpets, at your request, we can mark all the urine stains that are revealed by the blacklight with water so you can see for yourself, under normal lighting conditions, the extent of the damage your pet has caused.  (And, yes, urine is classified as damage and not a stain!)